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The Missing Semester video series


Bite sized personal finance videos, with a single “financial action” step

The Missing Semester is an award-winning personal finance book written by Troutwood CEO, Gene Natali.

High school and college classrooms across the United States have used The Missing Semester as part of their financial literacy curriculum since the book was published in 2013. Many of these same educators and their students have been instrumental in the building of the Troutwood App, for which we are grateful!

“I have had the privilege of speaking with and learning from educators and students across the United States.”

—Gene Natali, CEO Troutwood

Troutwood has filmed a series of short videos to accompany The Missing Semester, one for each chapter of the book.

Our financial choices have consequences.

We want to meet individuals where they are most comfortable learning. To do so, financial literacy education must be presented across different mediums and different platforms.”

– Jeff Davidek, Chief Strategist Troutwood

With the release of this micro video series, Troutwood has provided another tool to increase your financial knowledge.

Own your financial future.