The Time For Economic Education is Now

Financial Decision Making

When it comes to teaching financial education in schools, the time is now, writes Troutwood CEO Gene Natali featured on Penn Live. 

“This spring, 130,000 Pennsylvania students will graduate high school, and the vast majority of these students will have never taken a personal finance class in school.

Of the Commonwealth’s 500 school districts, less than 50 require personal finance courses for graduation. That is why we need to pay House Bill 242, now under consideration in the state legislature.

According to Next Gen Personal Finance’s 2021 State of Financial Education Report, only 1 in 7 Pennsylvania high school students is guaranteed to take a personal finance course before they graduate.

In 2018, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) presented the results of a National Financial Capability Study. In Pennsylvania, 67 percent failed to answer more than 3 of 5 basic financial literacy questions correctly.”

Read Gene’s piece in its entirety on Penn Live

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